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What is NGD Consortium

We are recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the United Nations having been issued UN numbers . We are becoming the Most Powerful Sustainability Earth Saving Force On The Face Of The Planet.

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Sustainability ReFi

Deforestation and our Garbage that’ is taken to our local landfills are the most harmful things killing our planet. Modernizing local community landfills provides all the children with college savings accounts that we continually fund by eliminating over 95% of the methane gases a landfill produces.

It’s called ReFi Earth which is simply a transparent, efficient management of un-claimed revenue streams used as a byproduct to save the planet via local landfill modernization which provides funding back to the local community by leveraging Parent-Kid Bank Cards, a series of embedded financial services and transparent blockchain technology to plant forests, provide funding into the kids savings accounts and tens of millions of dollars’ worth of cost-free Regenerative Financing directly to the local community. Each landfill we modernize with our patented process is like removing millions of vehicles from the roads while continually planting forests

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